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Laceshe Cute Beaded Floral Fake Nail Tips

$7.99 $14.99

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Product Code: MJ067
Material:  Handmade quality 
Details: A box is 24 pieces, there may be 1-2 pieces missing due to manual dispensing, but it is also very rare. There are more than 10 sizes. There is a number on the back of the fingertip, the fingertip is thick, and the fingertip is thin. Please pay attention when wearing it.

SIZE/PIECE Fake Nails Size
0.70*2 0.66*2 0.62*2 0.59*2 0.55*2 0.51*2
0.47*2 0.43*2 0.39*2 0.35*2 0.31*2 0.27*2

Size tip: Please allow 2"-3" differs due to manual measurement.