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LaceShe Women Satin Patchwork Hair Accessories

$9.99 $17.99

Black and Beige
Black and Gold
Grey and Gold
Grey and Pink
Green and Pink
Purple and Green
Pink and Green
Black and Pink
Black and Grey
Beige and Grey
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Product Code: SP118

Handcrafted from high quality material

Cotton and Spandex

Occasion: In your daily life, you can attend parties, weddings, banquets, appointments, trips, parties, dances or casual necklaces; it can make you look more attractive and personal. Suitable for any gift occasion, suitable for your mother, lover, wife, fiancee, girlfriend, let it be your declaration of love!
Tips for maintaining your jewelry: 1) Avoid direct contact with sunlight or contact with sunlight. 2) Remove the accessories before showering and put them in a safe place. 3) Avoid solvents or chemicals such as perfume or soap. If it gets wet, dry it with a clean towel. 4) Clean in a safe place, not on the edge of the sink that may slip off the drain. 5) Use only a soft brush. Do not use sharp or hard objects to remove dust or particles.